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The appropriate way to Find the Best Infrared Heater

Looking for the finest infrared heater? Well, you have come to the correct location because, here, you will find unbiased reviews of the best-selling and top rated infrared heaters available on the marketplace.

Hello there! My name is John and welcome to my greatest infrared heater reviews blog. I've lots of knowledge about infrared space heaters as I've used quite a number of them in my time, although a geodetic surveyor by trade am I. Everything from tiny dish heaters to 1500 watt that is high-end infrared room heaters, you name it, I have used it. But through the years, I've learned which ones just plain suck and which ones are the greatest and are unsuccessful. Actually, that is why I created this website; to let others know which ones to prevent and which ones they should purchase, and to give general hints and advice about infrared heaters in general so you could get the most out of your infrared heater.

So feel free to look around. You will find my top recommendations, articles, guides and other advice that will assist you in finding the best infrared heater for your needs, and, needless to say near the bottom of this page.

Types Of Infrared Heaters

There are 2 main types of infrared heaters:

Infrared Radiant Heaters - These heaters are great for spot heat and the infrared do not use very much energy. Infrared're small and portable and can be plugged into any nearby wall socket, allowing for simple and suitable use in any room of your house. The Infrared also heat up quite quickly, reaching its maximum temperature in literally minutes, so you will get immediate heat as soon as you turn it on.

The downside of these heaters is that they have a tendency to lack warming power, which can be a problem on those very chilly winter days when you need all the heat you can get. They simply aren't strong enough for you to rely on as your sole source of heat, although when used in conjunction with your central furnace infrared're decent and can offer supplemental heat.

Infrared Room Heaters - Infrared room heaters are like the radiant heaters described above's larger brothers. They've much greater warming power and can readily heat up a 1000 square foot room, and some can even heat a location of up to 1500 sq. ft.! Could you use a heater like that? I bet you could and there are several millions of individuals across the country who could benefit from the use of one of these. But many people simply are not mindful that such heaters that can heat up so much space exist. And it's a shame because they are losing money every time they have when they could've simply purchased an infrared room heater to turn up the temperature on the thermostat of their main furnace, and saved money on their electric bills.

Among the best things about these heaters is that the people can be plugged into any normal wall outlet, and the reason is because they only use 1,500 watts of electricity, unlike your central heater which can use over 5,000 watts. Now do you see the potential they have to save you enormous amounts of money on your own heating bills this winter?

How to select the Best Infrared Heater

You should ask yourself a few questions that can help you decide an infrared heater that is best suited for your needs, when selecting an infrared heater.

1. How much square footage can it heat? Infrared room heaters can heat up everywhere from 800 to 1,500 square feet of space. Infrared radiant heaters do not heat an area - they heat just what is directly in front of it. If you have to heat a large room then you need to strongly consider getting one of the more powerful versions of infrared room heaters. If you only need to warm yourself and you are aware that you will be fixed for long amounts of time - like at a desk - then a little infrared radiant heater may suffice.

2. How big/heavy is it? The more cumbersome it'll be to move around, the larger and more significant it's. You may also need to take into consideration how much space you have available in your room. Sure, you may get it to fit someplace in your room, but it could become an annoying obstacle for you. So if you are tight on space, compactness should undoubtedly be high in your list of desirable qualities you desire in an infrared heater.

3. What is the life expectancy? Infrared quartz tubes/bulbs (the heating element that produces the infrared heat) don't last forever. They commonly give out after so many years of use. Their lifespan will vary greatly determined by the brand. Some brands use quartz tubes that last up to 60,000 hours, while some are just rated to continue for 10,000 hours. Most manufacturers supply this information so make sure to check to ensure you are getting a heater with a rated lifespan near the higher end of that range in place of the lower end.

4. What sort of guarantee does it have? A longer guarantee will significantly minimize the hazard associated with buying an infrared heater. Almost all high quality infrared heaters have factory warranties of at least per year. Three year guarantees are not atypical and some even offer lifetime warranties albeit uncommon.

Innovative Features Of The Greatest Infrared Heaters

The best infrared heaters shouldn't only give you efficient heating and warmth, it should also produce other benefits. Here are some additional capabilities that most top of the line infrared heaters on the market today come equipped with:

Built-in Air Purifier - Almost all infrared room (cabinet) heaters include an air cleaner that is assembled into the apparatus. The most sophisticated models enable the air purifier to be operated independantly of the heater. Additionaly, most come with simple- to-clean, life filters that washed or vacuumed, can be conveniently taken off the rear, and reinserted with little effort or trouble. Most people will find they have quite a lot of dust, dander, and other impurities in the atmosphere inside their houses, so in my opinion, a must have attribute.

Builtin Humidifier - Some of the high end infrared heaters come with integrated humidifiers. During the wintertime, there can be a propensity for the air in your home to become quite dry. A humidifier will correct this problem by bringing the humidity level up to a more comfortable level, by discharging small vapors of water into the air which the device accomplishes. Unlike the other features, some may view this as perhaps reduntant and extraneous as they may possess a standalone humidifier. Yet, for those who do not and could profit from one, buying an infrared heater that has one can be both a space saver and a cash.

Remote Control - Most modern infrared heaters include a remote control. The convenience a RC can supply is simply priceless. Sure you may not need to fix your heater very often, but it's still pleasant in order to do so from the comfort of your sofa or couch.

The attributes listed above (with the exception of the humidifier) come standard in the majority of high quality infrared heaters. You might not need all these features, in which case, you can avoid spending cash by buying a cheaper version that doesn't comprise one or more of these attributes.

Which Infrared Heater Should I Purchase?

So now that you've read my buying guide to infrared heaters, I trust that you have somewhat of an idea of what sort of infrared heater you're looking to buy. If you're still not sure though, here's more guidance for you. These hints/guidance is the result of years and years of my own expertise with using and buying infrared heaters. So here they are:

How much will it cost me? Even though it is crucial to consider cost - nobody likes overpaying - nevertheless, like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And that adage holds true, even when you are speaking about space heaters. I understand some of you may not have the funds to purchase the finest heater out there, but I cannot reiterate enough how important it's to get a quality space heater. Here is my primary reason behind believing this:

Infrared heaters should be considered long term investments, not something you have to replace every year. Personally, i own and use many infrared heaters I have used for 5 years without any problems whatsoever. They all run only as well as they did the day they were purchased by me. A high quality infrared heater can and should last you several years. Look at it this way: Get the price of a $200 room heater that is infrared and divide it over the period of, let us say, 3 years. That just comes out to about $5 per month, which is practically nothing and worth it to have a fine warm and cosy home. And that's not even taking into consideration the amount of money you'll save on your electric bill every winter. If you buy a space heater that is second rate, you will regret it later on in the future. Get something that you just know and appear more long-term will last you a long time.

Now that that is been said, let us consider which type of infrared heater to buy. Do you need an infrared radiant heater or an infrared room heater? My own view is you should buy an infrared room heater (a.k.a. wooden "cupboard" heaters) rather than an infrared radiant heater because, quite honestly, they are merely more powerful at heating your room/house. I can let you know from personal experience that a lot more heat is given off by them, like I do with radiant heaters and I don't get those cold spots. And, personally, I just enjoy the way they appear - they match the remainder of my home decor considerably better. In addition, the bright orange "radiant" light can be a bit distracting at times, which isn't a problem with the infrared room heaters.

Greatest Infrared Heaters - My Top Picks

Let us face it, there's a huge number of different brands and models of infrared heaters for sale in the marketplace, and all of them are being advertised as being the "finest infrared heater". As a shopper, it can be very challenging trying to wade through the jungle of marketing mumbo jumbo and sales pitches to find the truth. Well you won't discover the truth on manufacturer and merchant sites, I will tell you that. The only place you will get it from are those who have actually used a good variety of brands of infrared heaters, and different kinds, models, and are therefore effective at comparing the performance and qualities of the various heaters out there - people like myself.

Drawing upon first-hand expertise and my knowledge with numerous different kinds and brands of infrared heaters, I've created my personal list of the greatest infrared heaters for sale in the marketplace. These infrared heaters receive my highest recommendation. Most of these are quite famous and popular models and brands of infrared heaters so you really can not go wrong with any of them.